Luggage Policy

Airbus Express knows the importance of being able to take what you need with you when you travel. Please Note that if your carry on luggage does not fit completely UNDER the seat in front of you - it must be checked in and you will be charged $30.00 for the additional piece of luggage if you did not prepay when you make the reservation!

How Much Luggage Can I Bring With Me?

We are pleased to offer all passengers One Free Checked Piece of Luggage and One Free Carry-On Piece of Luggage. After the first free bag, fees apply as follows:

(Prepay Reservation Baggage Fee) If you prepay for bags at the time of reservation:

  • 1st Checked Bag Is Free & First Carry On Is Free
  • 2nd Bag will be charged $20.00 (Maximum of 70 Pounds)
(Post Reservation Baggage Fee) If you do not prepay for bags when you made the reservation:
  • 1st Checked Bag Is Free & First Carry On Is Free
  • 2nd Bag will be charged $30.00 (Maximum of 70 Pounds)

We strongly suggest that you prepay for your luggage when you take your reservation. Avoid pay more upon boarding higher fee will apply maybe you may not be able to carry all of your luggage since we have capacity control on every bus.

Already Booked? Simply enter your confirmation number and click PAY NOW and you can pay your extra bags before you travel and not have to worry about paying for it the day you travel.

Are There Luggage Restrictions?

Yes, due to weight, height and width of our cargo bays, the following restrictions are placed on all luggage and cargo:

Restrictions: Checked pieces of luggage may weigh no more than 70 pounds and be no larger than a large suitcase or duffel bag. (Example: A 52 inch flat screen television is not a piece of luggage)

Carry-On Bags: No carry-on item may exceed overall dimensions of 55 inches (length + width + height). All carry-on items must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Any heavy item must be placed underneath the customer's seat. Any item with inflexible surfaces must be placed underneath the customer's seat or flat on the floor of an overhead bin.

Customers checking in luggage weighing more than 70 pounds each will be charged $20 for every 10 Pounds over

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